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Referral Programs

Remote and local

General Referral Programs

What’s a referral program?
A referral program is a part of our marking and sale strategies. We reward anyone for recommending our services to people or organizations that agree to do business with us.
What services or products do referral agents sell or recommend to potential buyers?
We sell website design services, procurement-buying goods and shipping services, project management services, Digital Marketing services, Educational and Vocational Training Services, and Research Services. When you fill out the online Registration Form, you will choose which program interests you.
You can go to, click on our affiliated organizations, and learn more about our services in your area.
How much do I get when I join the program?
You will get a $100 bonus for recommending our services to potential buyers converted to actual customers. We pay you a bonus when the people you recommend our business buy our product or service. The more you convert prospects or leads to existing customers, the more dividends you earn. If you work hard, there is no limit to how much money you can make as a referral agent.
How can I register as a referral agent?
Go to and register. Registration is free, and there’s no barrier to entry. Everyone is qualified to join the referral program, including high schoolers, college students, retired professionals, and young or older adults.
What happens after registration?
We will give you an ID Number and a secret password if we approve you as a referral agent. We will ask business clients for the name and ID number of the referral agent who recommended our business. We will also ask for your ID Number and Secret Password when making a bonus payment to you. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SECRET PASSWORD TO ANYONE!
Do Referral Agents do Resumes?
No. Referral agents are only required to register and not prepare or send resumes to our recruiters. But if they also intend to work as Sale Ambassadors or serve in other capacities, they must send a resume and fill out the online job application form.
Do Referral Agents Need Training?
No. Our training, mentoring, and professional development programs are mandatory for Sale Ambassadors and other administrative positions. However, we welcome referral agents to join these valuable programs as well.
What job do referral agents perform?
Their primary function is to introduce us to someone or an organization willing to hire us or buy our products or services.
How do I contact you?
You can contact us via phone, email, messenger, and on our websites
Do you offer discounts?
We give discounts of up to 30% to religious or nonprofit institutions.
How Do You pay the referral bonus?
We can make payments with cash and debit, Bank Transfers, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, or credit cards.
What are sample potential customers do you have in mind?
Here is a partial listening of referral leads you can convert to actual customers and receive rewards:
Political organizations, County Government or local or tribal institutions, Restaurants • Retail Stores • Bookstores • Student Associations, • Community. Associations. • Sports associations. • Supermarkets • Law offices • Samples of Public Company. •Ministries. • Agencies • Nonprofit organizations or NGO • Mosques • Churches • educational institution • Private schools •Technical schools • Public schools • Private Colleges or Universities • Public Universities or colleges
Remember, 30-50% of our profits go to various charities, including the Fofana Nyei foundation.

Three-Step Referral Process

First, sign up, and join hundreds of social media enthusiasts, influencers, bloggers, content creators, and website owners, among others.
Second, could you use your contacts, social media followers, and network groups, to name a few, and recommend potential customers? Learn more.
Third Earn a bonus. Anytime a prospect is converted to a customer, you earn a prize of $100, i.e., up to 5% from qualifying prospect conversion. Our generous bonus rates help maximize your earnings.
How does the referral program work?
The more you contact businesses or organizations to do business with FNF Foundation, the more bonus you will earn. Learn more.
How do I qualify for the referral program?
Any person is qualified If he has a cellphone and can work hard to meet businesses and organizations and influence them to buy our service. Learn more.
How do I earn a bonus stream?
You get a $100 bonus or about 10% of your sales. The more the prospect converts to customers, the more dividends you earn.
How do I sign up for the referral program?
Click here to Sign up for the referral program.

Business Ambassadors

Remote Location

Our business ambassadors will receive a week-long training individually or in a group. Before parking in this business enterprise, we will give each ambassador a unique employee ID on a lanyard or T-shirt bearing our logo.

Ambassadors will, among other responsibilities, 
1. Plan to meet business prospects. The potential clients can be private and public firms, nonprofit organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, government agencies, local governments, municipalities, and individuals. Click here to learn more.
2. Inform your designated Area Manager before and after contact with the customer for guidance and support.
3. Meet, sell, or market our services to potential customers. Click here to learn more.
4. Ensure that prospects or potential customers fill out our Customer Engagement Form. Click here to go to the Customer Engagement Form.
5. Inform the Area Manager immediately.
6. The Area Manager will confirm and follow through with the customer.
7. Our Subject Matter Experts will take on the project and verify the customer’s information with the Area Manager or the customer.
8. FN&F Business Enterprise management will draw up the project charter or agreement. The Agreement will set the project’s start, end, and cost.
9. The Ambassador receives fifty or a hundred percent of the commission or compensation (depending on the situation) if the Agreement is signed.
10. SMEs complete and deliver the project to customers.
11. The Ambassador receives fifty percent of the commission or compensation.
12. The project is closed.


Area Managers

Remote and local

Job Description
Supervise not more than ten sales or business ambassadors
Develop a strategic plan to achieve sales targets
Collaborate with marketing, advertising, and public relations teams to promote the company’s products and services
Build and maintain sales staff relationships,
oversee and conduct market research to develop and implement sales initiatives
Formulate business development strategies to ensure long-term success.
Set standards and objectives that will ensure efficiency.
Possess a great understanding of the business climate
Able to plan and organize a team
Capable of making sound business decisions
Possess a sense of responsibility
Able to work under pressure
Must be confident, driven, and enthusiastic.

Financial Officer

Remote and local

Job Description

  • Oversee the financial transactions of a company
  • Develop budgets, monitor transactions, and prepare financial reports
  • Forecast, create financial statements, develop dealerships, ensure compliance, and understand certified public accounting
  • Ability to set, meet, and exceed sales quota driving maximum possible growth
  • Create and coordinate sales training programs that consistently apply critical differentiators and knowledge of our core products, services, and solutions
  • Identify, compare, and deploy software solutions that support sales and marketing strategies for greater efficiency or effect
  • Motivate and develop sales leaders


  • A graduate degree in Business Administration is a plus.
  • Minimum five years of sales leadership at an organization
  • Proven ability to manage and develop multi-tiered teams successfully
  • Proven experience successfully managing a Global Sales budget.
  • Experience conducting performance, market, and competitive analysis.
  • High writing and oral communication skills, including excellent computer skills
  • A minimum of seven to 5 years of non-profit financial management experience
  • Record of financial stewardship and leadership in a nonprofit organization
  • Keen analytic and problem-solving skills which support and enable sound decision making
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate, and work with diverse stakeholders
  • Ensure that the Foundation has the financial model needed to continue the organization’s success and impact.
  • Experience managing a geographically disparate team or organization is a plus.
Business Administrator

Remote and local

Job Description
• Supports and oversees teams.
• Develops and implements plans and meets goals.
• Manages the day-to-day operations of a business.
• Reorganize or hire staff to expand operations in collaboration with human resources teams or upper management.
• Hires staff members, leads department meetings and communicates with upper management to implement new policies and procedures among daily operations.
• Completes organizational and management tasks that support the productivity and growth of an entire organization and its departments or teams.
• Plan strategies for streamlining and improving business operations.
• Handle business finances and plan the budget with the help of finance, accounting leaders, and team members.
• Oversee marketing and promotions for a company’s products and services, collaborating with marketing, advertising, and public relations teams.
• Negotiate vendor contracts to identify cost-saving opportunities.
Business Administrator skills
• Excellent communication, writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication
• Analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities
• Strong time management and organizational skills
• Good goal setting, strategic planning, and motivational
• Ability to work in fast-paced environments
• Experience with a variety of personalities and backgrounds in the workplace
• Superior presentation and negotiation skills
• Knowledge of best finance and operations practices for their industry

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