1. Plan to meet business prospects. The potential clients can be private and public firms, nonprofit organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, government agencies, local governments, municipalities, and individuals. Click here to learn more.
  2. Inform your designated Area Manager before and after contact with the customer for guidance and support.
  3. Meet, sell, or market our services to potential customers. Click here to learn more.
  4. Ensure that prospects or potential customers fill out our Customer Engagement Form. Click here to go to the Customer Engagement Form.
  5. Inform the Area Manager immediately.
  6. The Area Manager will confirm and follow through with the customer.
  7. Our Subject Matter Experts will take on the project and verify the customer’s information with the Area Manager or the customer.
  8. FN&F Business Enterprise management will draw up the project charter or agreement. The Agreement will set the project’s start, end, and cost.
  9. The Ambassador receives fifty or a hundred percent of the commission or compensation (depending on the situation) if the Agreement is signed.
  10. SMEs complete and deliver the project to customers.
  11. The Ambassador receives fifty percent of the commission or compensation.
  12. The project is closed.